Makray Katalinn

  • fovednokolympic silver medalist gymnast
  • wife of the President of Hungary, Pál Schmitt

Katalin Makray started sports at the age of 10. From 1957 she became a registered gymnast of Postás SE. As a new generation competitor she was a member of the Hungarian Youth National Team. For the first time she became a master level champion on uneven bars in 1961. Next year, as a member of the Hungarian National Team, she participated at the World Championship in Prague, where the team was ranked fourth, and on uneven bars she was ranked sixth. At the Universiade in 1963. she became a Champion in individual combined competition and also in team. She reached the biggest success of her carrier in 1964. on uneven bars when she became a silver medalist. In the same year she received the prize of the best Hungarian Gymnast of the Year.

More successes followed: Championship at the Universiade, national championships, team fifth place at the 1968 Olympic Games. She completed her sports carrier with another golden medal on uneven bars.

Together with her children Gréta, Petra and Alexa she appeared again on the evening sports at the Hungarian television.

She graduated at the Sports College in 1978. As a trainer she worked at Postás SE. She was one of the founders of aerobic sin Hungary. As one of the firsts she started the development of Gymnastics trainers in 1983 in Hungary. She took part in the foundation of the Hungarian Aerobics Association and became a member of the Presidency Board.